Get a Consistent Stream of New Leads and Get Off the Pipeline Rollercoaster
Get a Consistent Stream of New Leads and Get Off the Pipeline Rollercoaster
Turnkey solutions for originators to generate more business, even when you're busy closing loans.
We've helped originators at these fine companies and more get more leads and close more loans...
OriginatorSuccess™ is a Mortgage Loan Originator lead generation and marketing platform with you in mind. With our lead generating websites, automated review capture system, turnkey online brand building program and agent marketing, we've got you covered. 
Set yourself apart from the competition
Make it easy for prospects and agents to find you
Convert those visitors into leads, and leads into loans
"I LOVE my new look and website. First time ever I am getting compliments on my website and clients are stating they found me via the internet. I’ve always done the cookie-cutter ones prior and I am blown away by Hammer’s level of service and the value-added items he applies to my website.

He gets my highest recommendation – nice to have someone on our side!"

Nancy Bayron
Sapphire Mortgage
Lead Generating Websites
Our LeadSites™ are websites that actually generate leads...
We use proven digital marketing design to get results. Tell your company 2004 called, they want their website back.
Mobile responsive, looks great on any phone
SEO optimized, get loans from online searchers
Makes it easy for prospects, clients, and agents to contact you
High Conversion Landing Pages
Our LeadPages™ help you target your perfect prospects and turn them into leads...
Webpages for specific niches, like First-Time Buyers, Move-Up Buyers, Renovation, Refinance, FHA, VA Purchase, VA Refi.
Use these pages to generate leads with Facebook advertising
Professional design, proven conversion for lead generation
 Share with agents and have them referring you leads
Generate Reviews and Testimonials
Make it easy for your clients to leave you rave reviews on Google and other sites with our Reputation Automation™ system...
An automated, turnkey system to collect reviews and then get your clients and referral partners to share them on Google, Yelp, Facebook, Zillow and other sites.
Get reviews using email or text message - fully mobile
Get a bad review? It's only shared with you and no one else
Improve your online presence and get cold leads
Craft A Compelling Custom Personal Brand
Be found online, and have a clear message that turns views into loans...
Separate yourself from your competition with a clear Unique Selling Proposition that makes it a no-brainer to work with you over any other lender (online or offline!!)
Have a clear message that attracts prospects and agents
Have a message that wins you business, without being salesy
Optimize your social media profiles so they get you business
Get more business from real estate agents
Get constant referrals from Real Estate Agents who know, like, and trust you...
Stay in front of agents each week using email, social media, and a custom websites to attract new agent partners and stay in front of the agents you currently work with.
 Automated, turnkey system makes it easy to implement
Much better results than tired, outdated email newsletters
Have agents you've never even met start contacting YOU!
"Thank you Hammer and your team for your great service. It has been a pleasure being able to implement new strategies to help my business grow. If you are looking for turn key solutions to easily implement and that can add value to you and your partners, then you are at the right spot and Hammer is the man to help you make it happen."

Marc Thompson
Mason-McDuffie Mortgage Corp
6 Pondview Dr.
Wantage, NJ 07461
Reputation Automation
Brand Explosion
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